Saturday, February 14, 2009

Keeping in Touch with everyone

I remember when I was younger and times were easier. The Internet was a infant and things were much simpler. I remember the first instant messaging tool I used back then. ICQ (I seek You). I was great. I could talk to all the people I knew who had an Internet connection, and back then... well, my options were few.

As time has progressed, the options for instant messaging has grown. We have ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, Facebook IM, MSN and lots of others. I used to go crazy trying to make sure I had the latest IM client loaded and If I wanted to talk to someone that had a different one, then one of us had to load a new one.

I used to use Tirllian to keep up with all of the different Instant Messaging clients I had loaded. Trillian was not an instant messenger client as much as it was a user interface for all of the different clients. What I liked about it was that if you had friends on all of the different instant messaging networks, then you could chat with them all on one software client. What I didn't like about it was that it was, like any software, something else I had to load.

I have found the perfect solution for myself.

Meebo seems to me to be the best of both worlds. Instead of being another client that you have to install onto each machine that you want to use it on, it is a website that you go to and create your profile. Once your profiel is created, you can log on to that profile from anywhere you have a web connection. How do I love thee, Meebo, let me count the ways.

As of now, Meebo supports the following clients:
• Yahoo!
• Google Talk

Now - admittedly, there are some of the features that do not work exactly like they do in the original instant messenger clients, but in my opinion they are pretty insignificant. Things like emoticons may not come across exactly right, and you will not be able to send a message to everyone on a contact list - and I think that is sometimes a good thing.

Meebo is a 3rd party application and it does what it says it will do, it will clean up your instant messenger clients in one tidy browser window and let you browse in a different window. I'm not sure what else you could ask from an instant messenger front end - and no download is needed. Check it out at

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